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Filled With Gold Widow Podcast

Nov 11, 2021

This week's Filled With Gold Widow Podcast guest is Emma Payne.  Emma is the Founder & CEO of Grief Coach.

Grief Coach combines Emma's passion for mobile technology and engagement, with her deep commitment to giving people the confidence and tools they need to support each other through grief. She knows that, while nothing makes grief go away, supporting someone through loss is powerful and transformative for the supporter, and alters the trajectory for the grieving person too.

Listen in as we talk about:

- Emma’s inspiration on combining tech with grief

- Creating a thoughtful and practical gift for grievers

- How Grief.Coach coaches those in grief and their supporters

- What Emma does to take care of herself

- Good advice to grief supporters

If you would like personalized caring support from Grief Coach, please check out for $10 off a full year of grief support - because no one should grieve alone. 


Twitter: mygriefcoach

Facebook: mygriefcoach

Linkedin: griefcoach

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